real estate · September 3, 2021

What Makes Liv @ MB So Popular?

While looking for a place to live in Singapore, you must come across Liv @ MB because it is located near such a popular area that no one can resist living in it. People have to maintain a list of things they are looking for in a flat. As the real estate business is developing a lot, people are also showing their interest in investing in flats and becoming landowners. This is a great way to make money and become a part of a project which is developing day by day.

What are the features of the residential project?

This project is a residential project which has been redeveloped from a tower called Katong Park Tower. The land acquiring the project is very big and does not make the residents feel restricted and closed. The land is not shared by any other site so the residents can enjoy outdoor activities like playing or gardening. Along with general flats, the residents are also offered with penthouse which has more space and other luxuries. The residents will be able to enjoy the more natural time because the project is very close to trees and open spaces. The developers of the property are continuously working for its development. They have made their project very rich in development which has made many investors interested in their project.

What is the effect of the location of the project on your social life?


After you move to a new place, you always worry whether you would be able to go to beautiful restaurants or meet your friends often. The residents of this project will not be required to handle this situation because this project is located in the best location possible. Katong is popular for its shopping centers and cafes. This eliminates the stress of finding new places to hang out with your friends or has a shopping day off. You would not have to find different places to shop because the shopping center has all the shops. Even the services associated with your work can also be done instantly.

In the case of your child’s education matters, you will get the best schools nearby without worrying about your child traveling from home to school. Your child would be able to reach the school by walking a short distance.