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Welcome to the Kalamazoo Farmers' Market - Connecting customers to food sources through honest learning relationships and supporting local food related businesses through a vibrant market culture.

Vendor - Signage & Categories

There are 4 categories we request every market business to self-identify their role in our farmers' market as: Retailer, Grower, Producer and Artisan.

All of these roles are significant to our farmers' market and to our region's thriving food system. It is important to emphasize that this new signage represents a cultural change for our market and will take time to complete.


Farmer's Market Signage

Meet Your Farmers

Check out the "Meet Your Farmer" stories to learn more about the growers, producers, retailers and artisans that make the Kalamazoo Farmers' Market so great. We hope this helps consumers connect directly with their food through honest learning relationships and through supporting local food and related businesses.

Meet Your Farmer